Airport Brush with “fame”

OK, while I’ve managed to meet some decently famous people (especially in the sports world) over the years, I have not been all over the airport run ins with anyone of any note. Today while coming back from Springfield MA I officially have a top placer on my airport run in list. Beating my previous “best” of Kurt Kitners mom on the way back from the Sugar Bowl … I proudly announce that I flew back to Chicago with ESPN’s very own Mark Schlereth. OK, so its not TOO famous and its still sports related (I wonder if I have run into famous people and I just don’t know it because I’m just INTO sports???) but hey, I take ’em where I can šŸ™‚

Also getting around to publishing the first pics of Hershey, the new family pooch of my brother and his clan. She is a cutie boxer who we picked up on the way back from the St Louis trip.



Check out that sharp little collar huh? šŸ˜‰ She’s definitely got a nice choc/caramel swirl coat going on, hence the name from the kiddies. Although I would have preferred Reeses … unfortunately that is too close to a cousin’s child’s name and we can’t have that!

Finally, if ever in the Springfield, MA region I can certainly recommend the steak @ Max’s by the basketball hall of fame. Or if you’ve worked too late and missed their dinner serving, the pork sliders work too.

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