Long overdue jersey update!

Put this off a LONG time, in fact the collection has nearly doubled since I last documented it! I spent the beginning of the work from home Covid19 quarantine wearing a different jersey each day on our daily scrum video calls. It was a good 3 months of keeping everyone wondering when the magic closet would end!

Check out all the jerseys in the collection (currently) right here http://gorbs.net/Hockey/index.shtml

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Where to begin …

Started to notice many things amiss with the site so I spent a long weekend slaving away at upkeep to keep our little section of the internet running as it should be! The bad news, most of my problems came from an OS upgrade on the host’s end. The good news? All is remedied and among other things I can create a new post again! I’ve also got the Twitter feed working properly again so you can take a gander at what I post there again.

I’ve also decided that if I spent this much time on the site i really wanted to see something tangible for my efforts .. and my old theme was not so up to date. As a result, check out the new look! There is still much to be done as I transition from my old customized theme to using a more standard WordPress way of doing things. Look for all the content to return ASAP!

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New pictures up!

This has been a long time coming as a request from someone at work … but I finally got pictures up of all of my hockey jerseys. I have a BIT of a collection … if curious go ahead and click away on the jersey pictures.

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Thanks WordPress

Since I haven’t been posting I apparently haven’t been checking that something went awry with my site … sometime?? Didn’t need the bonus IT test of my skills but everything is back up and running again! Sorry if anyone was attempting to delve into the site history!

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