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Where to begin …

Started to notice many things amiss with the site so I spent a long weekend slaving away at upkeep to keep our little section of the internet running as it should be! The bad news, most of my problems came … Continue reading

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New pictures up!

This has been a long time coming as a request from someone at work … but I finally got pictures up of all of my hockey jerseys. I have a BIT of a collection … if curious go ahead and … Continue reading

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Thanks WordPress

Since I haven’t been posting I apparently haven’t been checking that something went awry with my site … sometime?? Didn’t need the bonus IT test of my skills but everything is back up and running again! Sorry if anyone was … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, I went to Montreal in Dec

Yep updating as much as usual around here with posts, what can I say? In December I got the call up north to Montreal for work. Lots of work with some fun squeezed in, including taking in a Montreal Canadiens … Continue reading

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