Old Pics

By request … here’s some pics from me as a youngster.
Most pics are from around December of ’76 … 4 years old.

[Tricycles and Cubs shirt]

OK … Who was the wise guy who dressed me in the Cubs shirt???

[Dugout in Comiskey]

Now this is more like it … me, my sibs, and cousins in the
Old Comiskey Park dugout.
Thats me, 2nd from the left …

[Me and bro on couch]

I’m not sure, but I think this is the first time my brother and I were drunk.

[Kids and Dog]

Dad made us open the box with the baby first … The dog’s name is Dusty.

[Family in chair]

The whole crew jammed in a chair … who keeps putting this thing in my lap???

[New toy!]

Oh my god … Garanimals
Oh my god … my brother is wearing Garanimals …
Oh my god … we’re wearing the same Garanimals …


If anyone can figure out why I would be wearing a tool belt and playing with
my $6 Million Man doll, would you please
let me know. I really really want to know.

[Beddie bye time]

Leave us alone! Its bedtime!!!