Where was this deal for the Hawks back in the day???

Dear readers, you SO have to check out this article as a Vancouver resident decided to become a season ticket holder for the Florida Panthers. Basically his reasoning was “for $7 a ticket + a jersey + other perks why NOT do it” … and I really can’t argue that logic. Especially if you see how the story ended and the great story he’ll be able to tell anyone who will listen. For all the years it seemed like we literally knew EVERYONE who was in attendance to a Hawks game, they still never gave such a deal. Then again, this IS Florida and hockey … consider yourselves lucky Sunshine State fans. I tried to find out if they were actually sold OUT of this price range yet, but the best I could find was that they were almost sold out as of July … I have to imagine there is a better than average chance they have to be at this point. To compare, even if I wanted to be a season ticket holder for AHL action in either Chicago or Rockford, I can get some combo of free jersey and free parking but not both, let alone free concerts! … and none of them offer tickets as low as $7! To be fair, I’d save substantially on travel costs.

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