Seattle or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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[Seattle View] [Mt. Ranier]
Seattle view on a postcard Mt. Ranier postcard

Group Photos

[Group at the beach] [Overlooking the water] [Before the long march]
Group photo on the beach Scott and Gint with a nice view All of us before the long march
[Me struggling up the hill] [Scott playing on the snow] [Gathered on the Pacific Ocean beach]
Here I am struggling up a hill.
Where did that snow come from??
Coming soon ... my reaction to the cameraman
Scott slides down a huge snow pile.
Man we were up high!
The tree graveyard ...
Washed up logs on a Pacific beach
[Log Pic1] [Log Pic2] [Marching along]
Roll call! Mark,Gint, Me, and Whats his name Scott on the left now. Want to guess who took each pic? View from up higher on the trail at Mt. Ranier

Scenic Views

These speak for themselves ...
My thanks to Mark and Gint and anyone else that might have taken the pics.

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