Say Cheese!

OK, its not often that I get caught by the camera,
but I figured some people might wonder what
I look like ... so here's a couple to give you an idea.

[Senior Prom]
The Marist crew about to head off to Senior Prom
[There I am!]

[Pretending to Work]

Don't look at the flash, don't look at the flash! Since I took these pics from the work collection, here's one of me at my
desk. Pay particular attention to the ivy on my desk ... and remember
that the longest arm on that plant is now over 200 inches!
Its all OVER the place!
Also notice the M&M man over my shoulder :-)
[Siblings] [Me at Home]
Me and my sibs! Its night,so the glasses are on! (Latest Pic)
[Me in a suit] [Dilbert at my Desk]
Spiffy! Me at work :-)

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