Thought it would be a good idea to check on some of the sub pages of the site … of course my never grow up attitude means I should verify my cartoon links are all good!! After doing some clicking around I found a few that no longer worked and replaced them with something else. Feel free to peruse the new and improved cartoon links for yourself.

In the meantime, I was inspired to check on some YouTube cartoons. Get lost in an episode of the Fantastic Four vs Galactus featuring the Silver Surfer of course! Or perhaps you feel a little bit like some live action with your cartoons? Well then look no further than a peek back at The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from the Banana Splits show! Enjoy a taste of childhood 🙂

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Blackhawks opening night / banner night pics are up!

OK I’ve at least gotten to getting my Hawks opening night photos posted here on the site in my bid to catch up. For way better photos than I was capable of, check out what the Hawks posted themselves. All in all a fun night, especially with a win!

In other championship related news … the Boston mayor paid off his bet with Chicago and posted a video for the champion Hawks on the offical city web site. The video is hosted here on Youtube if you want to check it out. For the full wagers, you can see what Boston bet vs what Chicago bet.

Boston web site take over

Speaking of championships … here is a link to compare the Stanley Cup rings from 2010 and 2013. I’m more a 2013 fan myself but hey I’d take either one if someone gave it to me!

2013 Ring

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New (old) Dr Who!

OK … so I’ve been looking forward to the announcement last night of a found cache of lost Dr Who episodes from the 60s to see just how many were recovered. While I wish it was more, I have to admit a darn near 10% recovery isn’t something to sneeze at considering it was 45 years since anyone has seen these episodes broadcast! Anyway, the BBC announced 9 recovered missing episodes from the Patrick Troughton era. These make up 2 complete stories (almost) which will be made available digitally immediately and for DVD release soon! They include the appearance of the Yeti as well as the very first episode featuring the mere Colonel Lethbridge Stewart. The official list of missing episodes has dipped below triple digits and sits at 97. Here’s hoping for more troves of ancient tv history!


As long as I’m on the subject and to clear another web link from the to do list … check out the Dalek Quiz and see how well you know the old pepper pots. No cheating, first time (I got some wrong on guesses, trying to be fast :/) here is my score!


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Star Wars Mega Post

OK partly to lead up to the NEXT blog post I’m making which is from an even OLDER era and again to clean up open tabs on my phone browser of cool stuff I wanted to post … here comes our first MEGA POST on gorbs.net. Basically its a BUNCH of Star Wars stuff I am not bothering to split up … enjoy 🙂

First off, props to the site This Sort of Thing, a blog by the author of “A Long Time Ago” … I’m sure a lot of the links I have accumulated started from his twitter feed. I actually purchased his book but I admit haven’t finished reading it yet … shame on me I know! Anyway, in addition to his own bit of goodness there, I invite you to check out some of the following …

If you are interested in photos of the old school Star Wars figures, you could meander over to Yet Another Star Wars Blog (aka YASWB) and check out some nice mint in package reminders of yesteryear. But if you REALLY want to let your nerd self go, watch some people PLAYING with their toys and check out Star Wars Figures Doing What They Do Best and watch some creative photos of the figures. There is a lot of replicas of some scenes from the movies using the figures and some creative lighting choices.

Ever wish for a Ringling Brothers or Disney on Ice style Star Wars live show? Well the Feld group that RUNS those stuff sure did … check out this story on a grand production I’m sure none of my readers ever saw of the George Lucas Super Live Adventure and wish you were a kid again … in Japan … in the 90s. Wish hard.

Need to do some geek shopping? Well have I found some useless stuff for you! If anyone you know ever wanted an adult onesie they could dress up as R2/D2 or Boba Fett then they are in luck!

Finally … if you are a fan of R2, you are not alone. Check out this /Film post about cameos the little guy has made in Star Trek and other movies over the years.

Now REALLY finally … this isn’t JUST Star Wars but its included so I’ll lump it in … over @ Kotaku you can see a scale representation of (pretty much) EVERY Sci-Fi Starship … Ever! There are some seriously large ships out there!

Whew … ok thats all … for NOW!

Action figures recreate Ewok victory

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