Cat vs lynx

Thanks to one of my nieces  … I spotted this link of a homeless kitty wandering into the cage of a lynx in a Russian zoo. The outcome was not what you would expect!


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70 years post D Day and still kicking it

Here’s a story that will make you feel vastly in inferior. Lots of media coverage of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy invasion this week. Two of my favorites were about a couple of gentlemen with unique travel stories to say the least.

One attempted to get to the ceremonies too late to make it with an official tour… So he just hopped a bus on his own and found his own way! This did result in his being reported as missing by the retirement home he was staying in… But all was cleared up!

The second one was a member of the airborne on D Day so despite being 93 he decided to enter the same way and parachuted in!

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Ever wish for more Calvin and Hobbes?

Who hasn’t! Well we came probably the closest we ever will recently … Bill Watterson appearing as a guest artist in Pearls Before Swine! Check out all the details on Pastis’ blog … And don’t worry… This isn’t an example 🙂


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Old School Hockey

Looks like the Vancouver team is still just as hateable with Tortorella in charge as they ever have been. Looks like there was a statement he wanted to make when he goon line vs goon line to start the game vs the Flames last night. I’m not quite sure why all 10 guys involved weren’t tossed … unless there is some NHL rule that you need x amount of players at all times?! Either way, led to quite a packed penalty box at first … as well as one of the understated tweets of all time …

Full Penalty Box Canucks/Flames

That Escalated Quickly

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