Dr Who Mega Post in 3 … 2 … 1 …


There is definitely a theme to this entry … as we get ever closer to the 50th anniversary show, the BBC released a trailer that showcases a LOT of Dr Who references from the show’s vast history. Of course you can spot a Doctor … or 11.

11 Doctors in trailer

I’m not (currently) a player of Minecraft … but I won’t rule out that it won’t change in the future! If YOU are, then you can join in a Dr Who Minecraft server.

Moving on to more in the Dr Who history realm … recently it was reported that the annotated studio plan of the pilot episode “An Unearthly Child” was found in a collection. For those interested in a bit of tv past, it shows details on the set design and camera positioning ahead of the shoot.

Finally, some more details related to the recent lost episode post … here are some links that offer up some more information on just how these episodes came to be missing in the first place! Here is another page which shows the time line of returned “lost” episodes and how they came to be found again.

Getting closer to air date of Nov 23 and getting excited to check out the anniversary show! More as details are finally released to us anxious watchers đŸ™‚ In the meantime, avoid real spoilers!

50th anniversary promo picture

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