New (old) Dr Who!

OK … so I’ve been looking forward to the announcement last night of a found cache of lost Dr Who episodes from the 60s to see just how many were recovered. While I wish it was more, I have to admit a darn near 10% recovery isn’t something to sneeze at considering it was 45 years since anyone has seen these episodes broadcast! Anyway, the BBC announced 9 recovered missing episodes from the Patrick Troughton era. These make up 2 complete stories (almost) which will be made available digitally immediately and for DVD release soon! They include the appearance of the Yeti as well as the very first episode featuring the mere Colonel Lethbridge Stewart. The official list of missing episodes has dipped below triple digits and sits at 97. Here’s hoping for more troves of ancient tv history!


As long as I’m on the subject and to clear another web link from the to do list … check out the Dalek Quiz and see how well you know the old pepper pots. No cheating, first time (I got some wrong on guesses, trying to be fast :/) here is my score!


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