Long weekend!

Lots of work around the house this weekend as I had to babysit Deb after her surgery this past week. Saturday I did a ton of laundry while playing xbox (for not enough points ciscom!) Sunday I got a workout in, visited with my BFF for some coffee, lots of shopping, and work around the house in the newly remodeled rooms. Didn’t get to all I wanted, I blame a bad bowling night for that.  Now I am laying in bed thinking I might make an ibuprofen run before I get in some Kindle time and drift off. Oh and ciscom, it wasn’t zero points earned Saturday … I’m plus 785 points, in case you still cared. Was hoping to crack  4 digits but I guess I have to wait for that milestone. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. gorbs says:

    BTW … totally went for the ibuprofen … now kick in already!

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