Nancy Faust Retiring

From the Tribune …

On Saturday the White Sox will host “Faust Fest,” a celebration honoring longtime ballpark organist Nancy Faust, who is retiring at the end of the season. Faust has played at Sox home games since 1970. The first 10,000 fans will receive a Nancy Faust bobblehead. There also will be an on-field ceremony prior to the game.

I don’t KNOW of a White Sox game without her playing the organ, mostly cause she’s been doing it longer than I’ve been alive.

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3 Responses to Nancy Faust Retiring

  1. Margaret Farr says:

    It will be much different without her! being a musician myself, I hope they get someone good to replace her! Did you hear anything?!

  2. gorbs says:

    Nope hadn’t heard a thing about how she would be replaced yet. Hoping with an organist rather than canned music!

  3. gorbs says:

    Fyi, just to officially close this out to spam… They did hire a new organist named Lisa Fielding. So at least they still have a musician!

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