Hockey is back!

Managed to get Dad and I to the Hawks game last night in time to get the bobblehead giveaway, making me 2 for 2 in getting out of work and over there in time to brave the line waiting for entrance and get it. Looked like a little more rust was knocked off after the long Olympic break. Better be all gone as there are some big games this weekend coming up! I’ll get a chance to see the Vancouver game Fri while Mark will get to experience another Detroit game.

In other hockey news, Marist plays St. Rita in the deciding game 3 of the Kennedy Cup semifinals tonight. You can see a video interview with the hockey coach @ the Coach’s Corner Show website. Good luck to the alma mater!

Now speaking of the alma mater (or in this case, alma materS) … There was an article that announced that the Marist / Bro Rice football rivalry (aka “The Pulaski Road Super Bowl”) is back on for at least 2 years starting in 2011. Mt. Greenwood will be rocking again!

Also apparently getting closer to being announced is that the Illinois / Northwestern 2010 football game will be held in Wrigley Field. I’m due for a road trip to watch that game and I would so go and watch at Wrigley just to say I was there 🙂

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