New addition to the blog links is proud to present a brand new blogger for your online reading! Check out the blog links or the friends page to check out Margarets Moments! She’ll try and tell you that she’s a superior tuba player, but give me a few months to get my groove back and we’ll be seeing about that!!

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2 Responses to New addition to the blog links

  1. Frank - Ciscom23 says:

    Great times

  2. Hey! You can do ALL the PRACTICING you want Greg Grobarcik….I will ALWAYS be a SUPERIOR Tuba Player. SOME people just have innate abilities….You can try to become better than me, but it will never happen! Although…..I really do admire your tenacity! (I need to work on my blog….now YOU are WAY superior to me in that category! 🙂 )

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