Gorbs vs Mouse

I recently detected the household cats had begun hanging out in our laundry room. This is not one of their normal places to chill in our house so I thought it kind of strange. Until one night I was in there and saw a flash bolt across in front of me and I knew their sudden interest in the room was fueled by the mouse that just tore past me. After chiding them ruthlessly for hanging out with the enemy and not killing the creature I set about laying a couple of mousetraps and ridding ourselves of the pest. After 1 night I checked on the traps and one had captured a mouse and the other … well that one disappeared. Gone. No idea where. I suspected the cats dragged a captured mouse to parts unknown to use it as a cat toy but as of this writing I still have not found it. Anyway, I reset a couple of more traps and caught more mice, etc etc. As of now I believe the count is up to 6 confirmed captures and 1 MIA. Further evidence has shown that the crawl space appears to be the main issue/mouse HQ and the laundry room is merely where the forage at night. For now I continue to set traps until such a time as they stop filling up with mice!

In other news, I have further cut into the lead of the dread pirate ciscom23 in our xbox gamer score battle. He is now less then 5000 points ahead. If I could stop being so utterly pathetic at Halo I could say I’m actually approaching his skills, but alas that is really not the case. While I do a better job at some games then him, shooter games are still a world he dominates (this concession could count as a bday gift you know).

Thats all for now … til next time faithful readers!

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2 Responses to Gorbs vs Mouse

  1. ciscom23 says:

    Outside of Lego games, I pretty much kill on evrything else. Also you are not getting out that easy I still expect a gift on 0922

  2. gorbs says:

    I need to get some work in guitar but I expect to be able to say music games too (Rock Band and Guitar Hero when I snag a copy). If there is a gun involved you are better, with the exception of Mercenaries! I know you are better at Madden but I’m not worse at hockey, at least equal. You’ll get your bday bag o’ coal or something mr.

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