Danger Will Robinson

First we throw out the homage to Lost in Space because the poor soul who worked inside The Robot recently passed away. It was certainly one of the (many) shows that I watched back in my childhood in reruns and I’m sure played a role in my love of things Sci Fi.

But the real reason for the post is because I saw that some guy is suing a strip club because he was clocked in the face from a flying shoe fresh from the foot of one of the dancers. I had thought “now that’s a unique lawsuit”. However it turns out that its not so unusual at all! I found a few other examples of exotic dancer mishaps on the web. First of, apparently stripper shoes can be quite dangerous when launched into a glass ceiling tile. And its not just men who can get a face full of stripper foot as here’s a woman who took some toes to the nose. Finally, check this out for a short list of other random exotic dancer lawsuits, such as some poor canadian lover of dance who caught a face full of stripper shoe. Who knew??? Beware the next time you’re tucking that buck into the gstring people.

Tomorrow Mark and I are taking in Spamalot, I’ll have some sort of feedback for you afterwards, stay tuned!

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