Thanks to Lisa (one of our readers) for these pictures.
Matt and Sandi come down
the aisle
Deb and her dad prepare
to come down the aisle
The 2 of us at the altar SOMEone is happy its over :-)
Mark and Stacey coming out
the aisle
The girls wait for us
Yeah! We made it! The bridal party poses
at the altar
Our turn to pose The gang on a gazebo I
found on a bike trip
Deb in all her glory The big cake
The cheesecake
aka dessert :-)
Cut that cake Deb gets revenge Party time

Some of the more "professional" pictures

Deb posing early in
the morning
With her sis and her youngest niece The female members
of the bridal party
My turn for closeups With Mark and the guys Deb arrives
First (married) kiss The 2 of us at the gazebo still a good find of mine The young nieces and the
by now very tired couple