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I joined the majority of the family for Venetian Night (Max was home sick with grandpa).
Apparently this is a little ritual that I seemingly hadn't been able to catch with the rest
of them since this was their 3rd visit and I was on my first. Here are some of the pictures
from our day and night out. The boat parade pics are lacking I know, but in my defense, all
were taken 1 handed, above my head, while Alex sat on my shoulders to get a good look above
people in front of us. So the fact there are ANY usable ones I thought was good :-)

The kids hanging out
on a statue @ Shedd Aquarium
A group shot to show off
their face painting
Thats what MY boat would
have on it, if I had one
Riley rests up for the
nights festivities while we picnic
on the lakefront
Planes flying over
to start things off
Again A taste of the boat parade Some feature people and
Some feature lights Some have all of the above Sean showing his glow sticks
off to me, while I think Abby takes
the photo
Abby and Sean, definitely taken
by Alex
Riley is awake and
ready now!
The fireworks begin So I continue to work on
trying to take good pics of them
Hopefully I'm getting better
with practice