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The game was depressing, but thats how life is I suppose.
The weather was still better then in Chicago!
I need to get some pictures of the Pirate Dinner we had on NYE,
as Abby and Sean got to participate in the show, but I didn't
didn't have my camera with me at the time.

Take your time, peruse the pics, and make sure
you check out all the clickable links as I've mixed humor with
facts aplenty :-)

I've taken the resolution down on the pics so they aren't TOO large,
but if there's interest in anything in particular (I'm guessing specifically
from the parade) let me know and I'll get better images online.

The view from
our hotel in
Marina Del Rey, CA
A native of
the marina going for a
swim as I test the zoom
on the new camera
The view as we visit
Universal Studios
The car from Animal House
I wasn't interested in many of the
others :-)
Attacked by a dino Deb takes in some
of the plane wreck from the
remake of War of the Worlds
Tony and Ellen and kids
settle in for the animal show
with us.
Monkey intro
Parrot in flight,
hovering in place over a
fan for easier shots.
A VERY surprised
little girl
Lassie ... ish I feel like
I was peeping.
At least this one
is happier to have an audience
Alex starts posing with
super heroes.
First comes spidey
Then Captain America.
(He got knuckles before
this pic.)
And finally
Storm from the XMen
Its Illini Day, which
is why we're here on this
day, and why USC
fans were bummed if they
didn't know beforehand.
Alex beats his
dad at baseball toss
(So does Deb too I'll
mention for her)
Next up,
festivus feats of
The inside of
the Globe Theater for the
Illini all day party
Illini parade in the
Drumline coming through You're going to notice a
trend in some
of my pics as we go
Midnight fireworks
to welcome in 2008.
My dumb ass was up
reading The Deathly Hollows
instead of resting for
the long next day
Deb peppy in the morning
before the start of the
THE blimp patrols
the sky above
More of the clan
at the insane early hour
The flyover jets
don't take out the blimp,
but its impressive anyway
Lets start with some
floats already. A circus train
needs an engine
and animals and a cool smoking
pipe organ
A little oriental flair
More of those
cool instruments that the
chicks all dig.
Did you know that
Bob from Sesame Street was still
alive? Cause I sure didn't
Whats behind Bob on
the Sesame Street float
Wild west saloon, etc
A fight breaks out! I so can't do that The also rans and the queen
I seemed interested in
taking pics of the many
cat family floats
See? The Illinois contingent
A band with pipers ... cool!
Hawaiian floats ... and unique percussion Thats a TALL one coming
down the street
Chief! ... ish
Old school fire trucks A mardi gras float in
California? But why ...?
For Emeril of course!
Another tuba ... I challenge
him to a Dixie Land showdown
Look at it grab some air I don't see Isaac anywhere ...
but don't ya just have the theme
stuck in your head now ?
if not I can help with that
He's rivaling that Indian
from before
Abby finds a way to keep
warm before the sun takes care of things
for us by joining her dad
in his jacket
No pyramids? Canadian sousas Who doesn't like penguins?
Even if they are being lazy
Like I wasn't going to
get the Marine band?
Close in on that bass Lions and tigers and .... Deb likes swans btw
She's all over the lovey dovey
These were just cool
Take me to your leader bears, oh my! On to the game already!
Zooming in on some of the
family scattered in the stadium
I was in section 11, here are
the ps, mark and abby over in 14
The banner under the press box
We almost have the place
to ourselves!
We didn't get breakfast, the
parade was long, darn it, we were
View across the stadium to
the other end zone
Ala New Orleans, a shot of
the Illinois endzone
I like Pasadena better
Photo evidence that Deb and
I are a couple
OK food is done and
people are starting to join us.
Give a call to Tony to
find them in section 6 way down low
Lets get the rest of
the Quad City group in there.
That zoom isn't bad for a non SLR!
The seniors practice field
goals ... AND MISS IN
THE GAME when it counts
grumble ....
Almost missed the flyover
stuck on the concourse getting
beer, but made it back
Ready for opening kick ... and its off!
Becoming good at catching
the first moments of
sports events I attend
Had to get the program
mostly thinking ahead to framing
everything like we did for the
Sugar Bowl
And my seat
Its a pretty ticket,
including a nice rose