Bust a move hon Me and my gal Deb The Sequel! Ellen and
fiance Tony
Don't get any ideas ...
They're both taken!
Tracy et al dances it up
with her 3 brothers
Garter fishing I am SO ready to catch it
Where did HE come from??? Corruption of the young
by the groom
The world famous (and traveled)
Pennsylvania Scott!
Tony and Ellen sans drink
Maid of Honor
and Best Man
Mark and Ellen around
the candle
I look damn good in a tux The Grobarcik Kids
Mom and Dad
Photographic evidence
that they really exist!
The parents of the bride The obligatory dancing photo The happy couple on their
special day

Now here's some from the professional photographer ... the party animal! :-)

The Wedding Party Family at the church My speech cracks them up We are SO cute
El and I cut the rug The boys take a shot Drink up! Partys over!

Grobarcik family
[grobarciks @ mark & tracy's wedding]
Berg family
[bergs @ mark & tracy's wedding]