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Deb and our 2 babies Me and a calmer 2 babies Our husky pup Sasha Check out those eyes!
A moment of peace ...
for once!
Zoo day for me and
my favorite wolf fan
Deb chills with
some cats
Deb @ the 2003
All Star Game
Frisky up on high She also helps with
the laundry
Sharing the bed with Kelly Chasing a straw under the
rug, a fave game
Where did it go? Fuzzy and the matriarch
Its hard work to stay
this pretty!
Hard at work guarding
the house
More sharing of
beds, doesn't have to
be just cats
Sasha in a not to freshly
mowed lawn
Deb @ Cosmic bowling
with the nieces
With me of course
Frisky enjoying the Puppy Bowl IV Abby takes a picture of her fave uncle Sasha enjoys some of the
7in of snow in the yard
And then gives me the raspberries.
Ok, she really was licking
snow off her nose ...