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Scary to think of my little brother reproducing, but here is
the evidence! My cute little baby niece.

Most of these pics are early ones, including her first road
trip to see the beloved Fighting Illini.
Cute little thing in her
baby Looney Tunes crib
Baby and her beaming
new aunt. OK, so El and I
were really aunts and uncles
through marriage already ...
But this is different!
Proud pop It's time for my
lil' Illini Princess
Dad makes a good
bed too
How many fingers am I
holding up? I don't know yet silly!
It will be awhile before I can count
All dressed up
and ready to cheer!
Little Illini Princess
Holding the little one
at Christmas
Her uncle does too! Good little south sider How cute is this???
Little hula girl Cheerleader/Tumbling
Not quite ready for
her license
Happy Bday! Playing in the new
Nice Alex Ready for her first day
of college ... or pre school
Happy Bday #3
Now we like the princesses
Toys, always a good choice Sitting on the church
Annual trip for pumpkin picking
Her turn on the pony Hamming it up at
Alex's 3rd bday
Abby takes a self portrait Racing up the field in soccer
Resting on the sidelines And then leaping into action
Posing @ 2008 Zoo Day