Futures Game
Futures Game
Futures Game
Home Run Contest
Home Run Derby logo
on the scoreboard
The ESPN crew talks up
the competition. Thank god
you can't hear Berman
at the game ...
The losers sit to
watch the final battle ...
Anderson vs Pujols
Pujols settles in
to take his shots
Wait for it ... Pujols' sweet swing ....
And gone!
Anderson tries his
And there one goes We have a winner ...
and many people taking
But when its done
Anderson gets the hardware
All Star Game
Futures Game
Hall of Famer
Bob Feller signs a ball
for me @ Fanfest
City skyline as we
climb to the upper deck
Marine Corps Band
The North Siders get
their intro ...
I can't help the side of
the field my tickets
are on.
Lineups get exchanged First Pitch
Great timing :-)
Future Hall of Famer
Barry Bonds
Future Hall of Famer
Alex Rodriguez
And yes, the namesake of my nephew
Future Hall of Famer
Roger Clemmons
Nomar Garciaparra
Thats all, just Nomar
(Sorry Mia)
Future um, retired guy
(See above)
Jason Giambi
Blalock touches them all
for the the game winner
Light up that scoreboard End game graphics