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First game of the 2013 season, banner raising time at the UC!

You know what to do, click on the thumbnail for a bigger pic

Pregame light show Raise the banner Keith with the cup Star of the show
Light show with LED wristbands on fans.
Cool that they flashed with each Hawks goal too
There were a LOT of those!
Yeah lets do that!
Keith has the hardware
Welcome back ... you were missed
Toews takes 1 last skate Waiting with the banner Skating the banner Ready to go up
One last skate around
there being no sun
Kids ready to hand off the new banner
Team skating it over
Ready to raise
Going up Higher Off the ground Prepare for photo
Going up
Up ...
Off the ground
OK start to line up for photo
Cup behind team Banner nearly in place New banner up Anthem singer
No one is watching the cup!
Nearly in place
Welcome newbie
Anthem singer kicks things off
Hockey Action Hockey Action Victory Ticket
Action shot Faceoff Victory! The ticket